Monday, July 26, 2010

Last day in Paradise

I've been home from Hawaii for a little while, and I've been very busy with a lot of family/reception stuff! So that's why it's taken me a long time to post these! We had to make our last day memorable!

We started the day out by snorkling at Bikini Beach by our house. This is the cool alley way we walked down to get to the beach.
The gorgeous view right before the alley.

Then we headed to Hukilau Beach and started making our sand castle!

Kari got a little camera happy :)

Cute bricks huh?! :)

All nice and sandy!

Kari made a mote so the water wouldn't ruin our little city. I love my strong protector husband :)

This was an um...cute? haha no not the right word...disgusting? Yeah! That's more like it! Dead eel! Just the thing we wanted to lay out next to!

Our finished city :)

He loved this job :)

Cute little chicken family!

These were from a little while before. We had rented a car so Kari could head out to take the CPA exam in Honolulu. We spent the day Sunday driving around the island. This was one of the look out points we stopped at. It was gorgeous. Under us is where the humpack whale's come to nest and breed in the wintertime. The water was so clear! I want to come back when they're here! It would be so cool to see!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sammy the sand turtle!!

e went down to the beach today! We had planned on doing some snorkling, but the water was very high and it was really muddy. So we decided to make something in the sand! We made our new friend, Sammy the sand turtle :) It was so much fun!
I took these with my camera phone, so that's why the quality is bad. Of course we forgot our camera today!

This was the best we could do to get both of us in the picture
Proud mama
Proud daddy
We should have thought of making things in the sand sooner! I mean, it's not like it's an original idea or anything! We need to really get working on our sand castle skills before we leave in like a week and a half! AHHHH!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Waimea Valley again! :)

These snails were HUGE!!
Look how big they are compared to Kari's foot!
Shawn after he swam around in the falls! We all got up under the waterfall! I was very impressed with everyone! With all the rain we've been having lately, the falls were a lot bigger than when we first came. It was pretty sweet
Playing checkers on a rock

Fourth of July!

We spent the afternoon at the visitor's center at the Laie Temple
They're still doing renovations on the temple unfortunately :( so we can't go through it. They're rededicating it in November sometime. It just gives us an excuse to come back :)
We went to Turtle Bay to watch the fireworks :) They weren't the best...I guess we've just been spoiled by Davis High's amazingness!! But they were fireworks! So fun! :)

Pearl Harbor

So we spent the morning at the swap meet and got lots cool stuff. Then we went to Pearl Harbor! Third time's the charm I guess! We finally got in this time!  :)
On the ferry on the way over the the USS Arizona
This was such an unreal experience! There is still oil leaking from the ship.
This is how big the ship is, and shows where the memorial is on top of it.
The list of names of all those who died here on December 7, 1941
This was such a cool thing to do July 4th weekend
The actual anchor from the ship
We went to Sunset beach to the sunset? haha Perfect name!
It was gorgeous