Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I can't believe it's already munch's birthday month!
And we are off to a good start...

 This cup was pretty exciting...

 Watching the Lorax from his pack and play

 Showing off his sweet moves to Ashley

 Caden found his tongue! Cutie :)

He was very proud of himself.

 He is so smart, he can even read books upside down.

 'Look what I did, mom!'
This is what happens when I try to clean...

 Uncle Dylan with his mission president and his wife.

 Clapping with daddy

 June wishing Caden a Happy Birthday! We love her :)

 Poor Caden had to start his birthday off with shots at the doctor :( so we took him to McDonald's and got him a shake. He spilled it all over himself...poor guy! Our genius plan = failed parent moment


  He's still figuring out what these things are all about...

 He loves his workbench



 Caden LOVES music! And anything that makes sound. So he was very excited about his new xylophone.

 This is my version of a doll for him: Baby Goofy.

When I say, "Where's Goofy?" he goes and gets him and brings him over to me. He's a genius! Or a puppy...

 So because Caden was so in to Blue's Clues this year, I decided to make him a pawprint cake. I think it turned out pretty cute :) And Caden seemed to agree :)

 He's very good at sharing.

I can't believe this guy is 1's been a fun year! Can't wait for the next one :)

 We got some family pictures done.

They turned out least Caden is smiling!

 Wondering why we are back in Utah...jk! We flew out to watch Angela's kids while Angela and her oldest go on a cruise! Caden loves seeing his cousins :)

Pido played with Caden so much, he was zonked out on the floor for hours!

 I decided it was time to cut of 10 inches of my hair!

 Cruising around City Creek

 Hanging out in the hospital watching the Lorax while we wait for Brooklyn's expensive chemo to be made.

 Beautiful view of the capital.

 All ready for church!

 Playing piano :)

He had fun riding around in Great Grandpa Hicks' wheelchair, but he let us know when he was ready to go.

 Grocery shopping with two isn't so hard as long as you have one of these bad boys. This contraption bought be a good 5 minutes of happy shopping time.

 Drinking milk at Winger's.

 I forgot how bad it hurts to slam my finger in a car door! This was before it got darker and swollen...So gross!

We flew home just in time to unpack, do laundry, re-pack, and hop on a plane with Kari for Tulsa, Oklahoma to see Mary and her family.

 The flights were awful..two layovers was not so fun for this little guy. But he snuggled with me and took a nap. I enjoyed this :) a lot.

Grocery shopping with cousins! So cute

 Little guy was sick :( He made me hold him for most of the trip. As much as I loved all this snuggle time, I was so sad my little guy was hurting!

 They were so cute playing together.

Caden loves play kitchens. He opens the cupboards, pulls stuff out of them, puts the stuff back in, and does it all over again. Maybe he'll follow after his dad and be a good cook!

 Caden found an excellent teacher to help him perfect his stair climbing skills.

 All the boys watching shows.

 Going to pick up the kids from the bus stop in the wagon.

 We went on a walk on this beautiful bridge one night.

While I was babysitting Angela's kids, we lost Baby Bob. This was very upsetting and I felt awful about it! I got this photo from Angela later. Bob was found! All is good in the world again :)

 Kari playing baseball with the kids. He is such a great uncle.

 I even went out and played a bit.

We went to the zoo on Thanksgiving! It was so fun. We were one of the only families there! So we got to see all the animals and got to take lots of fun pictures.

 Caden giving kisses. 

 It was so windy!

 Behind us is the monkeys little 'island'. They had a little bridge that connected it to the land that they ran across. It was really cool!

 Thanksgiving Dinner and the cute Ford Family

 DELICIOUS! Mary is an excellent cook.

 Bike ride! Now there was a bit an incident during of the boys was riding along in the street and a huge dog just came out and bit his arm! Luckily he had long sleeves on, so he wasn't hurt too bad. But the shock of it all was pretty traumatizing. He was a trooper, though, and didn't let it ruin his day. Needless to say, the dog was immediately put in the owner's truck and taken away. For good. What a great memory for Thanksgiving 2012!

 The boys joining in on munch's milk drinking/show watching routine.


Headed to the Aquarium.

 This was under the sharks! It was really cool.

Caden's new best friend.

 I think his favorite was the turtles.

 Time to go home. We got pretty lucky. Economy seating and an extra seat in between? Can you say best plane ride ever?! Too bad we had to ride on two other planes that weren't so nice...

 Watching the Lorax in our own bed at home! Yay!!

 It is good to be home! We had such a fun month, what with Caden's Birthday and Thanksgiving. Now to have a couple of calm weeks before we head back to Utah for Christmas!