Saturday, February 26, 2011


February has been such a fun month for us! I was put in as a Den Leader with my good friend, Heather. We are over the Wolves. It was pretty crazy! This was the last calling we thought we would get, especially because neither of us have children...but it has been a fun adventure so far! We had to go to an all day training called Pow-Wow. We took different classes to learn different things that could help us be better den leaders. One particular class was called 'Trash to Treasure'. It taught us how to take things that would normally just be thrown away, and make something cool out of it. Our favorite craft was putting stamps on tiles and coloring them. I think they turned out pretty cute!

We went to Disneyland finally! We had such a good time. It really is the most magical place on earth :) Still, even though we're old! We spent the entire day there so we were exhausted, to say the least, at the end of the day! It was sooo worth it, though!

Kari finally got to meet Mickey Mouse! He was so excited! He was a bit shorter than we expected though..

It's a Small World!

 Minnie Mouse :)

Kari couldn't decide between Mickey or Goofy

That's right. I'm a toy. Buy me...

G.I. Joe Kari Doll

The army men from Toy Story. They were SO green!!

Waiting to watch World of Color. It was such a fantastic show! My hair was greasy and nasty, my back was killing me, Kari's knee was in so much pain, but it was well worth the wait! It was beautiful.

We decided we loved Disneyland so much that we are going to get passes so we can go all the time! I am so excited!! :)

February, of course, means Valentine's Day. Kari got me a guitar! It was such a sweet, unexpected present. He is so awesome. No, I don't know how to play, but I do miss playing the piano. A guitar is a little bit easier to carry around than a piano, and I have been talking about how I would love to learn to play. So my sweet husband bought me the 'Guitars for Dummies' kit. Now if I could just find time to sit down and learn to play!

 Kari's Valentine's Basket :) I had to get him new monkeys since he totally threw away the one I bought him last year for Valentine's Day!!

So I was a little bit of a brat...I had gone to the gym, and when I came back, I decided to eat breakfast before I showered. We were watching the news, and a man came on and was talking about getting flowers. He said "If you don't take your wife flowers on Valentine's Day, don't go home." So I said to Kari, "Where are my flowers? Remember how disappointed I was last year that you didn't get me any?" And he just sat there reading his newspaper with a funny little smile and said "Yes, I remember". When I finally went into the bathroom, this is what was waiting for me. Needless to say,  I spoke a little too soon. :)

This is the newest member of our family. We love him. :) Now we have a TV for both our bedroom and our front room. I was getting a little sick of carrying the TV and the DVD player out in the front room every time we had people over. It's been so awesome to have one in both places!

This is also a big part of our lives-Kari studying :) He's such a hard worker!

We had dinner over at our friend's cute home the other night. I was helping set the table and I got a little excited that she had fancy fabric napkins. I looked up different ways to fold them on YouTube and went to town. It was pretty fun :)

It has been a little cold and rainy here this month. We are grateful for all the rain, and very happy that it isn't snow :) We are still loving it here and look forward to next month when we get to go on a road trip to Utah for my cousin, Melissa's wedding!