Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May Adventures

So May was so fun! We started off by babysitting Kari's sister's kids for a week while they went to Mexico. It was such a blast to hang out with those little ones! On the last day, we did run into a little accident, though...

Kari dropped him accidentally while picking him up in a blanket. It fractured his collar bone. Poor little guy! Kari felt awful! From now on, we were told Nana was going to babysit when mom and dad go out of town because "Nana doesn't break my bones" Gotta love little kids!

My dad and sister were in the play The King and I. My dad was the King, and Brooklyn played one of his many wives. It was an awesome play, and I couldn't be more proud of both of them! I was seriously star struck when I saw them after. We were lucky that their performances were when we were there so we could see them.

This is our trial run with Brooklyn's crazy make up. 

We went to the Dodger's game as my gift to Kari for our one year anniversary when we got back in town with some friends. We sat in the all you can eat pavilion. It was so much fun! We had as many nachos, hot dogs, drinks, popcorn, and peanuts as we wanted. It turned out to be a much better night than I had expected! Fireworks afterward were pretty awesome too :)


SUCH a fun night :)

For my anniversary present from Kari, he took me to the Glee concert down at LA Live! It was awesome! I am obsessed with Glee, so that was the perfect gift! I was like a giddy teenager - pretty pathetic, I realize :)

Outside the Staples Center. Statue of some famous dude...can't remember who it is ;)

Our seats up in the nose bleeds...eeek..

Our free upgraded seats! In the lower section! :) 

We went to ESPN Zone for dinner afterward so it turned out to be a better night than Kari thought it would be. (I think he REALLY enjoyed the concert, too, just won't admit it!)

This is my new hobby! Knitting! Frederick the frog was my first project. I'm almost done with an elephant. It's a lot of fun!

Back to Utah in June for 3 graduations! Here's the first graduate. Good old Davis High School! We were all so excited Dylan actually made it!

Gotta do the sister kisses!

Awww Jo... :)

The graduates!

Yay Alex and Joey! :)

Brothers :)

Steven and me

Dylan found this Transformers mask at a store and, of course, he had to put it on. Hilarious!

We also got some pretty fun news recently. We are expecting a little boy around November 10th! It is such an exciting time for us! I'm not loving the whole belly-jutting-out-more-and-more-everyday bit, but it sure is fun when we see the baby or feel him moving! We are so excited to have a little baby Kari running around :)

Dylan is such a good uncle and bought him this cute little Celtics jersey :) I don't even know who the Celtics are, but I just love the jersey! So cute

Had to get USC booties :) It's so great that I can finally shop now!

Kari is busy as ever working on all his projects for school. I am finally getting my energy back (that first trimester was a killer!) so I spend my time cleaning, babysitting, and getting things ready to move next month! It will be bittersweet, for sure, but the two bedrooms will be so great to have. We'll keep you updated on that when it all goes down!