Friday, November 4, 2011

The Waiting Game...

I am reminded by the husband constantly that I need to update the blog. I have been hoping that I would be able to before the baby came, so I'm doing it tonight to give the little guy no more excuses for not coming! Cross your fingers :) Here goes!

30 Weeks

We found a crib on Craig's List and refinished it, along with our desk that we turned into a changing table. Fun times!


 Caden's room :)
These past couple months, I have been given a glimpse into my life as it will be from now on: revolving around our new little one. He is so spoiled already! We went home to Utah in September and had FOUR SHOWERS! And then the wonderful ladies in our ward here in Pasadena threw us one when we got back. What child has 5 showers?! Insane I tell you! It was so fun to see all the support we have from family and friends.

Fullmer Shower

 My favorite part had to be the balloons :)

 The decorators

Olsen Shower

The food table. The fish read: One fish, Two fish, Red fish, New fish. So cute!!

 We played a game where everyone cut a piece of yarn trying to guess how big my belly was. Angela was spot on!

 My mom guess twice as big as I was....thanks mom! ;)

 Minky blanket my mom made. She's so crafty!

 We just love Angela so much! Thanks for throwing such a fun shower! :)

 Swedish fish party favors

 K at the game table

 Kari and his little buddy

 Hicks Shower

Fulks Shower

We were there over my birthday, and since Kari's birthday is 2 weeks from mine, we celebrated them together with the Hicks side of the family. Dinner at Mikado :) Then presents!

 They got Kari a hoodie

 Vest from Kari :)

 USC shirt from Kari :)

 IPAD FROM KARI!!! So spoiled :)

My parents got me some really cute black and pink pumas. I love them. I'm sad we didn't get a picture of them!

 I also came home to find balloons all over the room! It was awesome to be home for my birthday!
Pasadena Shower

 Welcome Baby Caden

 My favorite, breakfast!!

 We got SO much stuff from all our showers! We have the best friends and family! Thanks again everyone :) He is going to be such a stud thanks to all the sweet stuff he has! I'm jealous...

Kari's Birthday

 My husband is so old!!

 Presents AND dinner! I pretty much rock sometimes

 I attempted crusted salmon...

  And if i do say so myself, home run! It was actually good. Yay :)

 His new favorite blanket. His parents got him this blanket when his dad was visiting at the beginning of September. Kari has wanted this blanket since we moved here. He was very excited!

 Kari with all his gifts-USC blanket, USC skullcandy headphones, and USC work out shirt. This picture does not include the two new suits, two ties, and 5 dress shirts he also got for turning 27 :)

 We went to Yardhouse with our friends for dinner. This was our crazy waiter who wanted to get in on the picture...

 Kari's birthday treat :)


 Kari dressed up as the scariest thing he could think of...a Utes fan...Booo!

 Caden even decided to dress up :)

We have had such a fun past couple months. Now we are just playing the waiting game, waiting around for whenever our little guy decides to show his face! We can't wait to meet him! Hopefully it's soon :)