Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hick's Family Fun Time!

My family came out to visit. We had a blast!! I road tripped it down with them, which was quite um...interesting to say the least...but it was so fun to be with them again! Thanksgiving day, we took the train over to Hollywood. The kids had a blast.

Cool old time projector at the train stop in Hollywood!

Now you're going to see TONS of pictures of the stars on the sidewalk. Deal with it! :) What's the use of taking pictures if you don't post them anywhere, right?

Frank had a star on both sides of the street! Pretty sweet...

Brooklyn has always loved Shirley Temple! So fun

Good old Michael Jackson :)

My mom doing the Thriller! Ha! Highlight of the walk!

Mmmm...very very sessy :)

Hicks! HAHA!! Cool...

It's Parker's star!

We thought it was cool they put their stars next to each other  :) Awww marriage

Hollywood sign!!

Dylan hanging from the Hollywood Blvd sign! I totally thought it was going to break off!

We decided the 'W' was for Wendy :)

The ceiling at the train stop

Waiting for the train...

Our method of transportation

Thanksgiving dinner!! Kari made us yummy food! Thank goodness I have an awesome cook for a husband! My mom and I did help a bit :) I'm grateful for Kari!

We all fit! How, I'm not sure. But we did :) Best Thanksgiving ever!

Doing the dishes! I'm very good at this part of dinner :)

My mom, Brooklyn, and I went shopping on Black Friday. That was fun! :) We didn't leave until like 7, though. It was nice to sleep in a little bit! We still got lots of cool stuff! I may or may not have bought cute little USC pj's and onezies for our future children that we aren't even planning on having yet...but they were just too cute to pass up!!! It was fun to stock up on movies like the Grinch, Elf, and Happy Feet for me and my cute hubby since we don't have any movies! Then we headed down to the Newport Beach!

Triplets!! Lifeguard Newport Beach hoodies :) Love them

Not sure we knew what we were doing here..but my mom's look is priceless!

Ooo la la :)

Kari performing the Heimlich on me or something...lovely

My cute parents sitting together on the beach :) Had to get a shot of it


We ate at Ruby's, which I was way too excited for. I'd never eaten there, but I'd heard it was a must try. It was saddeningly disappointing...Maybe it was just what I got, but I was sad. It was cool to eat off the end of the pier, though.

Saturday was 'freeze our bums off at the pool' day, and of course, the U of U vs BYU game!!! It was so fun to have the family here cheering for the right team while my poor husband sat there being confused...I still have faith he'll figure it out one day ;)


Mom was such a good sport throughout the whole game

I just love Kari's face in this one!

Brooklyn's birthday is the 28th, and they're driving home that day. So we celebrated it after the game.

 Her cake. It was supposed to be the shape of 13, but it didn't cooperate very well...


Cute Parker filming everything. He hid the presents, too!

Spoiled! Cell phone at 13! Awesome!!!

Kari wanted to play with his phone and be cool, too

AND a new camera!! Sweet...

Make a wish!

Cheesy smile. I love it!

We were very sad to see them go. We love having visitors! But our home seems so quiet and empty when they leave :'-( We will see them soon, though, so that helps. Kari made it lots better by taking me to AT&T and buying me a new white Blackberry Torch!!!! :) They didn't have a white one in stock, so it will be here in a couple days. Can't wait! This week rocked! It helped remind me of all the many, many things in my life I have to be thankful for!