Sunday, April 15, 2012

4 Months!!

Caden is getting so big! He is such a blast. He is like a little person, no more baby! We started solid foods this month. He LOVES eating! I guess that really isn't a surprise to anyone, though ;)

Watching basketball with his daddy

Caden's favorite place to hang out when we put him down...the bathroom floor. I don't understand it...but it's sure cute!

We went to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Kari's sister, Mary and her family. It was Caden's first time on a plane

He did pretty well :) on the flight there at least...

Me, Mary and the babies

Playing at the Aquarium

We decided to color Mary's hair :)
(She's probably going to kill me for posting this pic....uh oh!)

Cute Mary

At the Botanical Gardens

This was SO cute! She just kept checking Caden out, trying to figure out what this kid was doing playing with her toys. Then trying to figure out how to play with him.

At World of coke

Licking my drink again

Caden's first time in a swing

It was such a great trip! We were sad to leave.

The boys found their place at home again without any trouble, don't worry!

He's a good boy and helps out with the laundry

"Give me more!!"

These flowers are the result of craft night with some fun ladies!

My dad had a work meeting in LA, so he came up for dinner one night. It was a lot of fun to have him all to ourselves for a night! Caden liked playing with his grandpa, too :)

Napping again :) I swear this doesn't happen that often! Kari just always catches it when it does.

My boys

Three Months

February = Love

That's for sure :) And here is mine...

Beach day


Pooh Bear ride

Sorry about the flash (my phone is bad with pics) but I couldn't pass up posting this face!

We found Mickey Mouse

Cooing at himself in the mirror :)

Rockin' his Michael Jordan outfit from Uncle Dylan

Studying with dad

Happy Valentine's Day!

Trying to stick his whole fist in his mouth

My brother, Parker, took 1st place at his gymnastics meet in St. George and luckily we drove up to see it! It was such a fun short trip with the fam :)

Lovin on Grandma

Playing around at the store. I think he looks smashing ;)

Caden's new favorite thing is to pull cups in close and lick them! So funny!

Taking a walk around the Rose Bowl.
"I'm sexy and I know it..."

Sneaking to watch tv on my lap

I have a feeling he is going to be one very confused little man :) Go Cougars? Go Utes? Oh dear!!

Go Trojans!! Of course :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful February!