Monday, January 16, 2012

December 2011

We always LOVE December! It is the busiest time of the year for us. This year we were so excited to have Caden to share all of our craziness with!

We finally took footprints of Caden's feet when he was 3 weeks old. I don't know why the lady at the hospital trusted us to do it on our own! Oh well. They were still little :)

We went to Utah pretty early this year because my brother, Alex, left for his mission on the 14th and had his farewell talk on the 11th. Caden just had to meet his uncle before he left! It was so cool to be there for all of that. We are so proud of him and miss him so much!

 With his uncle Alex and Alex's girlfriend, Joey. I like to think Caden was taking in Alex's face so that he will remember him... It's so weird to think he'll be TWO when Alex gets home! Ahhh! It will go by so fast :)

Brothers :) Love you, Alex!!

We stopped by my mom's house so everyone could meet Caden :)

 He loved pulling faces at Uncle Dylan

 ....and Uncle Dylan liked pulling faces at the camera. We think Caden and Dylan look a lot alike.

 Parker had a pretty hard time holding Caden, seeing as Caden weighed about as much as Parker! Ahh!

 I'm totally kidding. Parker was great with his little nephew. He was the best at putting him to sleep for us :)

 Grandpa Darin sang to him and walked him around. He saved us many times when us girls were busy and couldn't take care of complaining Caden!

Meeting aunt Brooklyn. She was also the bomb at putting the little guy to sleep (even though she thought he was extremely boring when he slept hahaha). She also was the only one of my siblings that would actually change his diaper! Go Brook!

 Meeting his cousins (2nd cousins...whatever!) They actually had a little sister a couple days after we got in town! So fun :)

 Next to his brand new cousin. Only a month older and twice her size! That's how my 'little' man rolls!

Taking a bath with many girls checking him out! Not embarrassed at all, either ;-)

Sleeping...sometimes he decides he'll nap for us. Usually only if we hold him and don't put him down. Ever...

Trying to roll over..

 Sleeping on Brook at the Hicks' Family Christmas Party

Now, this is one of Caden's FAV people, Aunt Angela! He just stares at her and coos and awws and tells her all about his day! More than he ever talks to me or Kari. It is the cutest thing! She was so awesome with him. She babysat for us twice and would always take him when I was stressed out. It was so nice to have her while I was still trying to get used to being a mommy. I can't thank her enough!! She's the best! He was being difficult one night so she gave him a bath. He loved it :)

See? He can be REALLY cute :)

 Kari making peppermint bark with two of his favorite little people

Caden with one of his buddies, Kingston! They are so cute :) Same size and height. Awesome. Oh wait, except for Kingston is 5 months old and Caden is only 1 1/2 months. Hmmm...haha

We like him when he's sleeping :)

  Reindeer hat and penguin shirt. He's rockin the Christmas Spirit!

Grandpa and Nana Olsen. We got to spend lots of time at their house. It was so nice staying with them. We really appreciate them opening up their home to us. Caden's favorite thing was laying in front of their fireplace in the morning, cooing and kicking.

 This bear would light up and play songs. He loved it!

  At Temple Square to see the lights!

 All bundled up

 Kari wanted to make sure we showed we had a baby with here's his lovely car seat :)

  I think this is my favorite picture of Kari of all time :) Goofball

 Go Trojans!

Finally, Christmas Eve came! Mary Carol made us a delicious lunch and dinner from Denmark. We also got to make Able-skivers, which we used to make in my family when I was younger. That was so fun for me to show them something I used to do around Christmas time. Then we got to open some presents! Yay!

You know me...I just love presents!!

 He loves his legos

 New basketball shoes! Sweet...

 Grandma Wendy got Caden a cute reindeer outfit for his first Christmas

 His head is a little too big for the hat! But I love it!


 BARELY fit in the stocking :)

 He LOVED all the attention he got from his cute cousins :) They were all so excited whenever Caden came around!

 Then it was time to go over to Grandma and Grandpa Hicks' house!

Great Grandma and Grandpa Fulks were there! So fun!

 Four generations :)

I used to have a bunch of mini tea sets when I was younger. So my grandma gave me a mini tea set of little baby boys for Christmas :)

   Sisters :) And baby

  Christmas morning!! Yes, there was still the trumpet letting us know we could come upstairs. And HECK YES I still ran up the stairs like an excited 10 year old! So what?!

My husband rocks!

I took this picture after we got home, obviously, but this was our present from Angela. She painted this for us! Isn't she just AMAZING!!?!?!? Caden loves having something to stare at behind our bed now besides just gray wall. Thanks Ang!

 Rocking his daddy's Christmas outfit! Wearing it proudly, I'm sure.


Merry Christmas! From Caden himself :)

We also went and visited Caden's Grandma and Grandpa Fullmer on Christmas. I just totally failed to get any pictures! :( But we love them and had so much fun! They gave Caden his first ornament and Christmas pjs that we got some of our family photos taken in :)

 Four generations picture at the Roach Christmas Party

 Angela took us out by the barn to get some family photos :) Yep, she's an amazing photographer, too!

 We stopped by Grandma Olsen's. She was so cute with Caden!

One of the few times now that he will sleep on my shoulder :) Love my snugglebug!

Kari and I went with Shawn and Mary Carol to the BYU basketball game. Angela was nice enough to babysit for us :)

 Yes....I'm wearing a BYU hoodie and my son is wearing a BYU shirt...Yes, I caved...but just this once!

 Gotta admit, he does look pretty cute :)

 Kari wasn't feeling good one day, and Caden just snuggled with him :) So cute. Until I realized it wasn't just food poisoning, and then we were out of there! Luckily neither of us got sick!

 Taking advantage of Angela's awesomeness once again!

 This is the gorgeous blanket Mary Carol crocheted for Caden.


 We had bought Caden a fancy, expensive little man suit for his blessing. We tried it on him a few days before we were going to bless him, and it didn't fit! It was too big in some places, and too small in others, like his fat neck! So we went to the mall and bought the first all white thing we could find: a pajama set from GAP. I love it, though! I think it is so cute :)

 He loves his cousin :)

 We got a hat to go with it. He pretty much hated that idea, though...

 I just love this photo! He was sitting on Brooklyn's lap and we were watching a show. Then all the sudden, Brooklyn lays back on the bed. We walk over and Caden is totally knocked out on her belly! It was too funny.

We hung out with the Hicks for New Years. My dad made us yummy dinner and we played games all night. It was a good night!

 Grandma Wendy laid down with Caden and he totally fell asleep! It was so cute! Luckily he slept through all the fireworks and noise! :)

 Happy New Year involved silly string this year! It was hilarious! Yay 2012!!

Dear 2011 - We love you. Thank you for all the memories you gave us and all the fun times we had. I have to say, though, I am glad you are over! I was pregnant and uncomfortable for most of my time with you. But you brought me my son, and I will never forget that :) So thank you!