Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We love Utah...

 Kari made me some homemade oatmeal :) What a sweetie...

This is how we have to get Caden to drink his milk now. Sitting in front of a show. A little frustrating, but it works!

 Brooklyn has been an honorary member of the Davis High Soccer Team. They had her come to the last home game of the season. They were introducing all of the seniors and the announcer gave a spotlight on each of them. Then he did one for Brooklyn, which she wasn't expecting. She walked out on to the field strong and confident. There wasn't a dry eye in the stadium, including the announcer's. I can't even explain in words what this moment meant to me, and I'm sure what it meant to her. There was so much love and support for my sister, and she was so strong. I really look up to her.

Brooklyn has been #21 on her soccer team for years. When she joined the high school team, that number was already taken. This girl gave up her number so that Brooklyn could stay #21. Talk about a selfless, loving person. We love you, Berkley!

The picture on the top right is of Brooklyn giving the kick-off. She passed it to a team-mate and she then kicked it out of bounds so Brooklyn could be subbed out. The other team didn't even flinch. They just stood and let Brooklyn have her moment. It was very touching.

 Kari's basketball coach from high school found him at the soccer game and gave him his old high school jerseys. Kari was very excited :)

 We had a fun time reminiscing at Davis High about Kari's old basketball days...It was fun seeing his name on the State Championship Trophy.

 We drove Dylan back with us so he could spend some time in Cali before he left on his mission. We stopped at the St. George Temple and did sealings. I will never forget this :) Going to the temple with my little brother is one of the best experiences I've had. Ever.

We had a little bit too much fun with the camera...

 The gorgeous sunset as we were driving home.

Next stop was the LA Temple. This guy is a stud! So much fun.

 Kari's birthday present to himself...because we really needed another electronic in the house. We were lacking! But in all reality, it will be great for him to have as he writes his dissertation. Anything to get him to graduate! Yay!

 Thanks to Nana and Grandpa Olsen for giving us their digital copy, Caden's new favorite movie (and the only one he will sit all the way through) is the Lorax! Good thing Kari and I like it, too! We've only seen it about a bajillion times...

 We had to take Dylan to Disneyland while he was here! This is him and Kari riding Grizzly River Run.

 Ashley came and hung out with us for a bit and we rode Space Mountain. We always get the best shots...haha!

 Caden loves Uncle 'Duh' (he started calling Dylan 'Duh' one morning as he was banging on his door trying to get him to wake up, and I SWEAR he knew what he was was so cute!)

They are very excited for the Pooh Bear ride...

The Newport Temple


 I got a little teary-eyed during this session because I realized it would be the last one together for at least two years :( But I am so proud of him for choosing to go on a mission! So I will just have to suck it up!

 We had a party for Kari's birthday!

 We had pies instead of cake. Kari's choice. It was so fun to have Dylan there with us!

We took Dyl to the airport the next day and sent him home. This was the last time we saw him before he left on his mission. Sad still hasn't hit me! But we had such a fun time with him while he was here.

 Caden's first carwash. He thought it was pretty cool!

 The girls took me out to sushi and to Master Wong's for a massage for a late birthday party. It was so fun!

Caden sitting on June's foot. Always. He's such a gentleman...

 We got a picture of Jesus for Caden's room and he loves it. He says 'Jesus' and waves to him. It is the cutest thing! He's a good boy :)

 Jim and his brother, Danny, came out for the U of U game at the Rosebowl. Caden was very excited!

All geared up! Kari is wearing a Utes shirt, Caden is just covering up the logo. (He is a Ute at heart ;) )

 Some very nice UCLA fans tore off our USC sticker and hung it from our windshield wiper. They also tried to peel off our other sticker and spit on each of our door handles. Lovely...

 Grandpa Darin stopped by when he was in town for a conference and gave Caden an early birthday present. He LOVES this dog! It's so cute. He walks all over the front room with it and feeds it the little shapes.

 Caden was very excited about his new tent. Too bad it broke in like a day!

 They skyped with me while Dylan was set apart!! How cool is that?!

 My mom sent me these pictures when they dropped Dyl off at the MTC. Looking sharp!

Love you, Dyl!! We miss you already!

 This is Caden's new chair. I found it for $8 at a consignment sale. I love little chairs!!!

 Caden's new thing is to look at us and sniff. It is so funny!

 At the Pumpkin Patch!

 Creepy witch...

My favorite shot

 Loving the wagon

 We took the kids to the LA Zoo.

He loved the turtles!

Chilling in his chair :)

I love Caden's pose in this pic :) Kari sent this to me while I was out running errands. It's good to know he's safe inside the ottoman while I'm gone.

 We set up the photo area for the Halloween party at Ashley's and I thought I'd get some shots of Caden. He was pretty excited :)

 Playing with the spiderwebs.

I think they turned out pretty cute!    

Witch fingers

Rice crispy pumpkins


Candy corn sugar cookies

Pudding cups


Homemade rootbeer

 The lovely banner that says 'Happy Hallnween' hahaha


 I don't think we had enough treats...

 We thought filling up her bathtub with marina sauce would be a good did make for a pretty creepy tub! But gross!

 Our gorgeous friend, Sachia Willis all dressed up as one of the bears from Brave.

 Trying on fun hats at Michaels.


Angela came out to visit!! So we took her to Santa Monica Pier and rode the roller coaster. It was so fun!

 Cute sister and brother

 We had to stop at Bubba Gump's to get a bucket of trash :)

 Great Grandma and Grandpa Fullmer sent Caden a cute Charlie Brown Halloween book that talks and makes sounds. He loved it!

 Bank robbers and a tiger at our ward Halloween Party.

Angela was a good sport and dressed up as a witch.

I was so glad he liked his costume! I thought he'd be pulling at it all night. I guess we like dressing up in the Olsen household ;)

Just got out of the shower

All ready for church. Caden is holding my mascara. Every time I put my make up on, he comes over and he just has to have the cool yellow stick. Funny little man...

 Angela brought a present for Caden's birthday!

She gave him this cool car that goes by itself when you push the guy down. He loves bringing it to us, having us make it go, then going and getting it. Over and over again.

 This was the reason Angela really came to visit...ELLEN! Guaranteed tickets this time :)

 All the girls

 Then we had to retake the picture because Heather wasn't looking excited enough..haha

  I was trying to get a shot of the Ellen sign behind Angela, and when I took the picture, she tripped and fell! It was so funny, I had to post the pic to remember :)

We had a bit more luck this time around. Other than leaving out the n...

 Our prizes from the show!

We went to dinner at BJ's after the show and had the most amazing pazookies! YUM!

 The boys were stuck with the kids all day. So they went out to lunch! Kari sent me this and I thought it was so cute! It's good for dads to get a taste of running errands and going places with little ones tagging along :)

Hanging out with dad at home.


 We went trick or treating with Caden! This time he was a USC Trojan. He thought his reflection in the mirror was so funny :)

Happy Halloween! Go Trojans!