Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Time

August has been so much fun for us! The first week, Kari's family came down. We did so many things with them!

We went to the Getty Museum. It had so many neat things to look at! We could have spent all day there and still wouldn't have been able to take it all in. This is Kari in the beautiful gardens.

We went to Huntington Gardens here in Pasadena. We love this place. It's so beautiful! Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures...but it was so fun!

The Aquarium of the Pacific was another place we went to.

My favorite part of this picture is cute little K-K :)

Feeding time! The fish went craaazy!


"Take a picture of me, Lexi!" -D

Newport Beach is an all time favorite for us Olsen's! So of course we had to stop there, too!

Grandpa and K-K going out to the water...

Cutest thing ever!

D playing in the sand

Yeah...all I can say is he is getting heavy!! haha

Gorgeous Angela :)

Naked baby!!!

Mother and son. Precious :)

K at Bubba Gump's

It was very sad when they all left! But we had very little time to dwell too much on it. The Hicks' were driving down the next day! So I went in to super cleaning mode and Kari worked non-stop to get caught up on his summer paper. It was so nice to have my family here and to get to show them our new place! I love them and miss them so much. Even though I'm in Utah all the time, there's just something about having your own family in the place you're living!

First stop, Ronald Regan Library

So excited :)

27 Weeks

President Kari

President Brooklyn

President Parker

President Dylan...of course...

Regan's Oval Office

BIG plane

Air Force One


Riding next to Regan ;)

Sadly, the parents had to leave, but the sibling stayed and played! So we went and did some stuff with them.

We went to the Holocaust Museum. It was a very sad place...but very informative.

Parker was so interested :)

Wasn't really sure if we should smile or not here...

After the museum, we went shopping, of course! It was so much fun. We were going to the Dodger's Game that night, so we loaded up on gear for everyone!

All decked out!

$2 seats! Pretty dang good, if I do say so myself! :)

This was like the 10th failed picture we took of ourselves. The nice man behind us finally asked us if we needed him to take our picture. We decided to give up...

We headed down to Sunset Beach the next day.

The boys out playing in the water.

Boogie Boarding!

Uncle Dylan brought baby the cutest shoes and outfit!!! He's spoiled already!!

He's going to be just like his daddy! Nike shox...haha love it!!

Like all good things, the visits eventually had to come to an end. We dropped the kids off at the Long Beach Airport and decided to go car shopping. We planned on looking at about 4 different dealerships. We went to Kia first and fell in LOVE with the Sorento they had in the showroom. So.....


 We took it home!

It's been an awesome past couple of weeks. Now it's time to get some work done! Me-getting stuff ready for the baby's room. Kari-getting his paper finished and ready to present and start school soon!