Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, dear Kari!!

Kari's birthday was October 8th. I'm at home all day, so what else do I have to do but make a cake and decorate the apartment?! hehe...yes I had a ton of fun doing it! He had school all day. Total bummer on your birthday, right?! So I wanted to make sure he had a fun night when he got home!

He had fun with his balloons :)

Was he spoiled much?! Nahh... :)

Happy Birthday to you!

Make a wish!

We went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. They gave him an ice cream sundae with a candle! :)

It was a very fun day! Happy Birthday, my cute hubby! I love you!


Ok, so it's been a long time! And we've done soooo much! I'm slacking! Ok, so we obviously left off at the USC game, which was so much fun :) We have another one this Saturday I'm super excited for! Fight on!
I was frustrated with my hair, and not having my mom around to highlight it for me was pretty depressing! So one day, I woke up and decided I was going to try it by myself! I'm crazy, I know..

Pretty good, huh?! I was pretty proud of myself :) Kari dyed the underneath part, too. He amazes me more and more everyday with his awesome skills.

Angela and two of her kids came down to visit us for a little bit. We had so much fun with them! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures yet. I'll have to post them later. We went to Santa Monica Pier and froze our bums off! It was so cold, but the cute little guys got in the water anyways! What troopers. We got in the pool at home, so we did get some warmer swimming in there. We went to Huntington Gardens, which was so cool! It was so beautiful and so interesting. Kari and I got annual passes, so we'll be revisiting that place a lot. We took them down to Newport Beach, which was warmer than Santa Monica, but it was later in the day, so it was still a bit chilly. We miss them so much! We had too much fun with them :)
I turned 21!! Ya, I'm pretty cool! haha I was totally spoiled! I thought it was going to be a pretty depressing day without all my family, and Kari had to go to school all day, so my expectations were pretty low. But my awesome husband woke me up with breakfast in bed before he left, starting my day off pretty fabulous! My friend, Heather, came over to lay out with me at the pool for a few hours. Who gets to do that?! Just lay out at the pool for however long they want on their birthday :) Then Kari came home and we opened up presents. My favorite part...

My gorgeous flowers :) Awe, cute hubby

Kari's parents got me a USC hoodie and a USC hat :)

My parents got me a really pretty bracelet, a year's supply of contacts (go mom!! ) and my mom put together a scrapbook of all the fun times I've had over my 21 years! Yes, I realize that's a lot of pictures of my face all in one! You should feel honored.

Kari got me a really cool collection of all the awesome girly books that I asked for back when we first got married! They all have their own bookmarks, too! Love them :)

Ok, so I was a little excited!!

But can you blame me?! Look how cute they are! I have wanted these shoes for like 3 years!!

So ya, I was way spoiled. He took me out to Olive Garden to eat, too. He did good, didn't he?! :)

 I went home to visit family in Utah at the end of September. I ran errands with my mom a lot, which is actually one of my favorite things to do! Went out to dinner with family, hung out with my brother, Dylan a lot :) and hung out with my awesome sister-in-law Angela! It was a little weird to be back home (Utah) again, especially without my husband, but it was so nice. I was a little depressed when I came home (California), but seeing my husband again made it better. :) Well that was about it for September! Good month :)